A&S at Pennsic 48

Are you putting together your Pennsic schedule and thinking ‘Gosh, I wish I knew when the A&S awesome was’.. this post is here to help!
(Those of you at home need to put together homemade A&S awesome, hopefully you’ll share all the cool stuff you got up to while some of us are down in PA!)
First off, Pennsic University offers classes beyond the wildest imagination, on every topic you can think of, and a few you probably hadn’t thought of. The teachers are from all over the Known World, and getting new perspective is super cool, as well as learning new things! Those can be found in the Thing (yes, seriously called Thing). http://thing.pennsicuniversity.org/
(Yes, I put on the big kid pants and signed up to teach. I’m not in the book, but I am in Thing, and should be in the ‘additions and cancellations’ sent to the paper as well. Look for Modern Alchemy: Saponification)
Not wanting to commit to classes, but just want to gawk at the awesome? Got you covered. Middle Sunday 1 pm – 5 pm is the A&S display. Both the adult and youth display are at the same time this year! Two for the price of one. Anyone can bring what they are working on and show it off. We get rank beginners showing their very first piece all the way through people bringing the body of work that they’ve been working on for years. No judging, no prizes, just A&S geeks geeking out with other A&S geeks. http://www.pennsicwar.org/penn48/DEPTS/AANDS/DISPLAY/index.html
Last, but absolutely not least, is A&S war point on Thursday of War week, 10a – 4p. Why should the martial types get all the fun of acquiring points towards the war!? 10 artisans from Middle and allies vs 10 artisans from East and allies compete for the A&S war points. This is a judged competition, and while open to the public to come and admire the works, you’ll have to admire the other 19 while any given work is being judged.
Plenty of A&S to keep a person busy at Pennsic!

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