Plot Twist!


When something goes wrong in your life, just yell ‘Plot Twist!’ and move on.

It’s a ubiquitous meme all over the internet, and it’s trite and vaguely irritating, but I’m willing to run with it. This isn’t the New Year’s post I’d planned on writing. Instead of a post all excited about some of the knitting I’ve been doing, and showing off my temperature scarf and plotting for silk knit gloves, I’m on the rehab list.

A repetitive strain injury (tennis elbow, no racquet required!) in my dominant arm means no knitting, embroidery, drop spinning, crochet, hand sewing, needle lace, bread kneading.. basically everything in my world. Physio and my RMT are working on it, and we’re making progress, but the main thing is resting it, and reality is that I heal Very Slowly. I am looking at easily months away from my primary hobbies, and 2019 might be a write off for the knitting needles (and all of their needlely, hookey and spindlely friends.)

There was some probably unsurprising moping, with accompanied whining (and cookies. Disappointing news around holiday goodies is not ideal for one’s eating habits.), but finally I’ve accepted that we’re not at ‘omg, I can’t do ANYTHING!’, but at ‘Plot twist!’

Things I CAN still do. Brewing. Bread making (with the kitchen aid taking on the kneading for me), big loom weaving, soap making, dye work. Jury is still out on wheel spinning (it’s hard on the leg joints), or tablet weaving (not optimistic).

Which basically reads like 2019 is going to be full of alchemy!

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