I have been bitten by the weaving bug something fierce, which considering quite how many non-weaving things are on the project to-do list is a little distressing. (Some of this might be productive procrastination from the to-do list.)

I had help from a friend getting the warp on, it was a mess (note to self.. learn how to not make a mess of the warp getting it from warping mill to loom.), but we got there.


I snapped threads all over the place (vintage wool singles. It happens), and the first snapped warp thread I thought I was going to cry. I clung to my beginner book instructions and followed each step as if I was doing CPR and a life depended on my skills. (Fortunately, this was not actually the case.)

By the end of the warp, a snapped thread was a brief grumble, and a quick repair and back in business. My tension is a little wonky, and sometimes my beat isn’t even. Some of that will come out in wet finishing, and some of that will live forever as a ‘this is a beginner piece’ memento.

2017-09-20 17.46.46

Now, I have the weaving all done, and the ends woven in. It needs a bath, and hemming, and to be made into leg wraps for my best beloved. It feels good to finish a big challenging project again. Now I need to hurry though the to do list, so I can do more weaving!

3 thoughts on “Weaving

  1. How to make less of a mess of your warp: do not try to keep the entire warp in one bundle. Sections. Sections not more than an inch. Maybe less depending on how thin your warp is. Your warp cannot try to cuddle up to a part of the warp three inches away if they are not touching. 😀 Yes, I know it slows things down slightly when measuring, and it means you have more individual bundles to handle. But you pick the time right back up afterward, and it will have spawned entire little families of more saved time…


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