I have plenty of it, although it’s not polite or fashionable (especially as a woman) to admit it. Mine generally comes in the assumption that I can put string in its place. That in a battle between string and me, I will win. Be it in weaving it, or braiding it, or knitting it.. no matter what, I will triumph.

2017-09-08 08.13.12

Weaving after the initial fight.

And I will, eventually. I have with everything so far (There are things I am not as skilled at. There are things I don’t enjoy, but I get the basics eventually). Every time, however, I forget how hard the trip to get to the basics was.

I’m trying to work on my naalbinding for QPT, and my arrogance is biting me in the tush. I learned the very bare basics at Pennsic, and decided that of COURSE it was string, it’d be a walk in the park to get something done that I was happy to show at QPT.

2017-08-23 12.12.50

Before I made a mess of it.

Ha! The universe is laughing its arse off at me for that one. It’s a struggle for every stitch, and my QPT entry might yet be a smouldering heap of charred wool after a fit of pique. I’m quite sure that regular servings of humble pie are good for me at the very least!


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