Musings and eyelets

Possibly musings over eyelets as I am pretty confident that the eyelet rounds on my fian flag are going to take forever. Possibly two or three forevers at this rate. At that’s just for the border.

It’s been a while since I posted, because there hasn’t been a lot of A&S going on. A lot of service, a bit of events, some life (good and bad) and the ever present eyelets. But white on white are seriously dull photos.

2016-05-08 10.04.04

See? Seriously dull photos. Not the most exciting embroidery I’ve ever done either. Wheee. How dare the slow and fussy stuff actually look good? The nerve of it!

Anyhow, at the last two events (more details on each forthcoming, I promise!) We’ve spent the mornings in the kitchen, and the afternoons goofing off. It’s been really really good. My feet disagree (note to self, need better shoes that don’t look silly with the garb), but the camaraderie and the work makes the sitting around later feel all the sweeter. I understand now why those who end up in the kitchen often end up in the kitchen often.

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