So close.

I am getting oh so very close to the end of Frosted Ferns. Last pattern row! (Then of course there will be the resting row, the crochet cast off, and then the procrastination on blocking.)

I am very /very/ good at the procrastination about blocking. I keep telling myself that I’ll block this and Trollblume at the same time, and then take both of them to show and tell at the KW knitters guild.

Which I finally joined. Finally. I’ve known about it for years, but finally getting off my arse to go out to KW in the evenings. I’m glad I’m healthy enough (generally) to still manage to do something after work. It’s nice to be amongst my tribe, this tribe at least. I have a lot of tribes, but I’d missed a handwork one. It also gives me a deadline to work against, I want to show this at the guild meeting. So I’d better get it blocked.

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