Honest..I do knit.

Just not a whole lot at the moment, thanks to a never ending elbow injury. (Why is it that elbows get so little love. Everyone can respect shoulder injuries, or wrists, even fingers. Elbows? No mention. They’re surprisingly important joints! Is it because the word is sort of silly to say?) 

Circle Sock Pattern, Knitpicks Stroll in Jester

This is the sock that’s been my travel knitting for the last four months. Circle Socks in KnitPicks Stroll, the Jester Multi colourway on I’m going to guess 2.5 mm needles, but I honestly have no clue at the moment and stupidly didn’t put it on my Ravelry project page. (Which is odd for me, I usually am rather anal retentive about my Ravelry project pages)

Some knitters hate it when things pool, I love it in this case, I think it looks awesome. Now I just need to get the second one done. I give it another 4 months, at least.

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