I am a colourful person. Even if I tend to err on the side of caution a touch too often. (More black/brown/drab in my wardrobe? Awesome!), at heart.. I’m a colourful soul. I’m drawn to the brights, the variegateds, the splotchy, the stripes, the spotted. I’m not much for patterns, per se, I’d rather random globs of colour here and there, drawn around by the design.

Like my recent mittens.

Scrappy mittens

I happily break the ‘rules’ on lace and do doilies in variegated thread, or coloured thread. I dye like a colour blind monkey with a paint brush.

I just, only a few hours ago, put in a Knit Picks order, full of rich reds, eye popping yellows, hot pinks, and then I was reading blogs later and it happened. A moment of yarny twinged regret.

The Yarn Harlot (who is awesome, but that is rather besides the point), posts today about a scarf.. and the scarf is lovely, but along with the scarf is a pair of mittens. And those mittens are much like the heavens opened and there was a song of angels and I went ‘oooh!’.

And they were neutral on neutral. Go look here. See?

I don’t own neutral yarn! AIEE!

Hopefully it passes quickly. I’ve hot pink on it’s way!

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