Ooh! Shiney!

Alright.. I’m a knitter at heart, but as I’ve commented to any number of people.. I have all the ooh shiney factor of a ferret on pixie stix. I like sparkley, shiney, glittery and colourful. So I suppose it was somewhat inevitable that I ended up coming to the bead side. I mean compared to lace, this stuff works up in a blink of an eye! I’ve done some stringing already, and I put that on the ‘brain dead monkey’ skill level. Armed only with bits of wire and some needlenosed pliers, I decided to get all the way to the ‘raw beginner’ level and play with little wire loops. These were my first try (that left the bead bin that is).

Last night I decided to knuckle down and do some more experimenting and came out with these. Now, this is on the order of a garter stitch scarf or ‘hello world’ in the beading scale of the world, but I’m still pretty pleased with myself.

Thank you thank you to S. for taking the photos for me. My poor little camera just couldn’t cope at all.

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